The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation

Focus area of the Kivach reserve

Main aims

  • Protection of the territory reserve in order to conserve the biodiversity and maintain the state of nature of conservation area and protected natural features;
  • Research organization, including Nature records;
  • Environmental education;
  • Staff training assistance in the environmental safety and monitoring area.


Reserve territory patrolling

National parks and reserves are highly protected areas. The natural sites on the reserve (earth, water, mineral resources, plant and animal life) are totally disused from the economic management. The reserve is an environment-oriented constitution that goes in for environmental education, protection of the plant and animal genetical fund, researching its natural history and ecosystem.

The State environment protection inspectors patrol the area, prevent acts and detect violations against reservation conditions. The Chief State Environment Inspector examines cases of the administrative offences.  The environmental control legislation provides also for criminal responsibility for certain offences.


Scientific research

The research department of the reserve and experts from other research establishments are responsible for the scientific researching on the reserve, as well as for writing scientific articles and monographs. “Nature study and examination on the reserve according to the program of Nature Records” is the main academic subject.

For over 40 years the collaborators monitor different processes in the natural complex and make out Nature Records.

The insects collection represented by more than 70 thousand pieces has being added for years in the department. The herbarium consisted of 6 thousand sheets is included in the List of the Herbariums of the world (electronic database).


Environmental education

Environmental education among local people and incoming tourists is one of the main underlying reserve objectives. The colleagues contact with many people, it efforts the spread of environmental knowledge, raises the level of culture and develops the coherence between man and nature.

The members of the ecological department run walking tours to the waterfall Kivach and along taiga reserve paths, arrange excursions in the museum of The Nature and invite tourists to visit the arboretum (the tree nursery).