The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation

One day excursion and programs on the Kivach reserve

An ecological route network was created for tourists to get acquainted with main vegetation types, typical land forms, and rare species of flora and fauna.  Walking on ecoroutes is possible with a guide (reserve collaborators) while meeting the reservation conditions. You can enroll on a tour beforehand over the phone (see contact telephone number of the Reserve Museum).

  • 10-15 tourists is an optimum capacity for the group.
  • Being in the taiga territory you will have to wear a special tourist clothes – windcheater and windpants, tourist boots or high tops (NOT stilettos!). Do not forget to take insects repellants with you.
  • Oneday ecoroutes have different distance and complexity. The route can be prepared individually for the group depending on weather conditions, season and tourists’ physical state.

Most popular routes and programs

Route # 1. Sopoha pine wood.

The route starts from the central path of the reserve, the distance is 2,5 km. Tourists will get acquainted with the nature complex of the aqueoglacial plain, its elongated sand waves (sandosar), treed with pines; high moors scattered with cloudberries and beautiful forest lake (rus. Lamba) will appear on the low.   The route is opened all year round.

Route # 2. Spring bogs.

The route starts in the Sopoha pine forest. Tourists will get acquainted with basic forest types of the aqueoglacial plain: its moss pine wood, mixed forest with different wild grasses on the ground, spruce forest near the brook. You will see different typical and rare plants reaching the spring bogs with healthful water sources.

The distance is 6 km.

Route # 3. Spruce forest on the bank of the Suna River.

 A 5 km route starts on Kivach village edge acquaints tourists with the nature complex of the till plain, its stubble fields, lichen pine forests, transition moors and old spruce forest down by the riverside. You will also get the information about the inhabitants of the river.


The routes go along old forest tracks. Forest areas and hags are preserved in a state of nature, and to remain our forest in its beauty we have to take the rubbish out from the reserve.

Have a nice interesting and cognitive leisure in Karelia!